Womens Institute

Brantham Womens Institute was formed in 1950.

The monthly meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday at 7.30pm in Brantham Village Hall.

There is a speaker or a demonstration each month and social events from time to time, also campaigns on national issues.

Bramtham is part of the Constable Group of W.I.s which has a meeting once a year as well as a social evening, a carol concert and one or two craft days.

Brantham belongs to the Suffolk East Federation of Womens Institutes which in turn is part of the National Federation.

The fee this year is £37.40.

The President at the moment is Diana Blanchard Tel. 07881 713672

New members and visitors are always made welcome you can find out more by clicking here.

The W.I. is for women of all ages and a good way to meet new friends.