Consultation Documents May 2013

Below you can find a list of the most important documents to refer to when completing your response to the consultation:

A letter from the Inspector to Rich Cooke at Babergh Planning asking for the consultation to take place.

The Publication Notice-May 2013.  This gives details on how to obtain documents and details of Public Participation.

The Schedule of Further Modifications to the Babergh Core Strategy (2011 - 2031).  The Page Numbers & Modification Numbers that directly and indirectly refer to Brantham & our situation are: Pages 2,3,6-9, 22-28 and Maps 4 and F and Modification Nos 4,5,6,7,14,15,25,26,27, & 29.

The Sustainability Appraisal Addendum and Habitats Regulation Assessment Review is a fuller document that contains all of the Main Modifications, the Sustainability Assessment and the Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).  Pages 64 & 65 contains the most important section for Brantham, although 61-62 contains some Assessments of the Strategy for Core & Hinterland Villages (Employment/Mixed Use).

The Working Draft of the Core Strategy & Policies shows modifications made post hearing and is for guidance only, showing how the Core Strategy would read if unamended in the Consultation process.

Finally if you would like to make a response to this consultation you can do so by using the Response Form.  PLEASE NOTE: only specific responses to the Schedule of Main Modifications (MainMods) & the Sustainability Appraisal (Mods-SA-HRA) will be considered.