On this page you can find links to the key documents that form the basis of the current thinking about the proposed development at the industrial site at the moment. You may find these documents useful to refer to when making your response to the forthcoming consultation.

These are:

"Brantham Industrial Area Planning Position Statement" from Babergh District Council. This is the original planning document that outlined proposals for the area.

"Statement of response to matters raised by the Inspector" by Babergh District Council

Response to questions raised by the Inspector from Boyer Planning on behalf of St Francis Group

Written statement on behalf of Mr Paul Price one of the key objectors to the proposed development.

"Statement of response to matters raised by the Inspector" by Suffolk County Council

"Further evidence on the deliverability and viability of Site development" from Babergh District Council and the St Francis Group. This is a key document as it details the revised thinking of the developers in terms of this area. You can view some photos of the areas referred to in this document. You may find these useful to help you visualise the area.